Episode 120 – 2020 Wrap-Up with Stephan Abrams and Michael Moeri

Happy New Year’s Eve! In this week’s episode of the Jackson Hole Connection, Stephan and Michael talk about some of the memorable guests and moments of 2020.

We will be back next week with all-new episodes of The Jackson Hole Connection!

Guests highlighted in this episode include:

Episode 80 – Shane Hollingsworth

Episode 112 – Andrew Munz

Episode 114 – Gavin Fine

Episode 71 – Jim Auge

Episode 95 – Virginia Powell Symons & Margaret Rose Breffeilh

Episode 110 – Carol Mann

Episode 118 – Laura Peterson Wright

Episode 94 – Jim Rooks

Episode 72 – Heather DeVine

Episode 97 – John Kanengieter

Episode 101 – Chris Koch

Episode 77 – Julia Heemstra

Episode 76 – Jack Hartpence

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This week’s episode is supported in part by The Jackson Hole Marketplace. The Deli at Jackson Hole Marketplace offers ready-made soups, sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and hot lunch specials. More at JHMarketplace.com

Marketing and editing support by Michael Moeri. Music in this episode is provided by Luke Taylor.

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