Episode 226 – Competing with Yourself featuring Dina Mishev

Dina Mishev is a journalist, world traveler, editor, skier, extraordinary athlete, and a Guinness World Records holder.

In this episode, Dina shares her story of moving to Jackson Hole to pursue her passion for skiing and her slight obsession with Harrison Ford. She talks about her decision to leave the path to law school and pursue writing. Dina discusses her world record and how training at Snow King helped achieve it. The conversation also touches on Dina’s stubbornness, her love for hiking off-beat trails in the Tetons, learning to slow down, tracking snow leopards, traveling to a solar eclipse, and her battle with breast cancer. Dina also opens up about how her diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis has affected her outlook on life, and how it continues to drive her to do more.

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Episode 222 – Learning to Take Care of Yourself with Jacob Urban

Jacob Urban is the founder of the Jackson Hole Outdoor Leadership Institute, and he has an inspiring and multifaceted career in the outdoor industry. Jacob started out in Pennsylvania, but he set out to find his own path as soon as he was an adult. That path led him to study audio and video production in Florida, and then to Vermont, where he studied recreation resource management and began to build a career in the outdoors. After 15 years in Vermont, Jacob made the decision to move to Jackson Hole, where he took on a variety of roles and responsibilities, including teaching at Central Wyoming College, working on Search and Rescue, and founding the Jackson Hole Outdoor Leadership Institute.

Despite these achievements, Jacob has also faced challenges, including addiction, debt, taking on too many roles and not implementing enough self care. He shares his story of how he took a step back to focus on rebuilding himself and taking care of his mental and physical health in order to thrive. Through finding his tribe and overcoming obstacles, Jacob has transformed himself into the person he wanted to become.

In their conversation, Jacob and Stephan also explore the importance of disconnecting from technology, connecting with nature, and understanding the ways in which we are all connected as humans. 

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Episode 215 – The Ride of a Lifetime with Peter Goettler

Peter Goettler is a student at the University of Colorado, a graduate of Jackson Hole High School, a member of the Pi Kappa fraternity and a part of the Journey of Hope crew.

In this episode, Peter shares his inspiring cross-country bicycle trek with Journey of Hope to spread awareness, and celebrate the abilities of all people. Stephan and Peter also talk about making an impact, learning from others and how personal connections are more important than followers.

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Episode 214 – Leading the Broncs with Hayden Hatfield

Hayden Hatfield is the head coach of the Jackson Hole High School basketball team. A year ago at the age of 25, Hayden visited Jackson Hole and fell in love. Determined to move to the valley, he kept his eyes open for the right opportunity. That opportunity arose a year later when the Broncs basketball team started their search for a new head coach to revitalize their program.

In this episode, Hayden and Stephan discuss mentors, leadership, The Masters, coaching, local sports, being a lifelong learner, and the importance of connecting with your community.

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Episode 213 – Training Inside to Conquer the Outside with Julie Guttormson

Julie Guttormson is a trainer, community leader, baton twirler, entrepreneur, stroke survivor, former news anchor, the founder of VIM, and the new non-profit Rock on Society. VIM is a fitness and training studio that specializes in group classes. The Rock on Society is a dynamic experience and fundraising non-profit that provides aid for stroke and cardiac patients.

In this episode, Julie shares why her life was flipped upside down at the age of 31 and how it led her to start the VIM. Stephan and Julie also chat about recovery, authentic fitness, following your passions, re-branding, the power of positivity, and supporting your community.

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