Episode 150 – Supporting Our Business Community with Anna Olson of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

By Michael Moeri | 07/29/2021 |

Anna is the former Communications Manager at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and is now the CEO and President of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce. Anna also serves on the board of the Wyoming Office of Tourism. 

In this episode, Anna shares how she made her way to Jackson from England. She talks about working for JHMR for over two decades and what it was like being a part of the growth spurt in Teton Village. Anna goes into what it is exactly that the Chamber does for the business community and the people of Jackson. Stephan and Anna discuss how it is the chambers responsible to not only promote Jackson but also manage the visitors that come to the Valley. They also talk about the importance of mental wellness as a part of staying healthy. 

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Episode 149 – Let’s Talk About Mental Wellness with Deidre Ashley of the Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center

By Michael Moeri | 07/22/2021 |

Deidre is the Executive Director of The Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center. In this episode, Deidre shares the path that led her back home to Jackson after graduating from college. She talks about the services that the Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center offers, which includes a wide range of counseling, therapy, crisis services, and case management. The community counseling center also offers a 24hr crisis line. Stephan and Deidre discuss the stigma of talking about mental health and how the pandemic has changed how we look at mental wellness.

If you are in need to talk to someone, the crisis line is available 24hrs a day at 307-733-2046

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Episode 148 – Keeping Jackson Hole Clean with Brice Dunn

By Michael Moeri | 07/15/2021 |

Brice is a father, husband, entrepreneur, former massage therapist, and is the owner of White Glove Professional Cleaning Service. In this episode, Brice shares the story of how he left Oregon for the mountains of Alaska, and later found his way to Jackson to work in the hotel industry as a massage therapist. He talks about how he came about working and owning a 40-year-old family cleaning business, White Glove Professional Cleaning. Stephan and Brice discuss what it takes to keep morale high for employees and also what kind of dirty jobs Brice has had to tackle. 

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Episode 147 – Celebrating 60 Years of the Grand Teton Music Festival with Emma Kail

By Michael Moeri | 07/08/2021 |

Emma recently joined the Grand Teton Music Festival as Executive Director in September 2020 after serving as General Manager of the Kansas City Symphony for nearly a decade. A lifelong musician, she previously held positions with the Alabama Symphony, Omaha Symphony, and the Humanities Division at the University of Chicago. 

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Episode 146 – Changing How We Operate with Dr. Gary Roubin

By Michael Moeri | 06/30/2021 |

Dr. Roubin is an internationally renowned interventional cardiologist, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and one of the inventors of the coronary stent. Dr. Roubin’s latest life-saving undertaking is Mountain Air Medical, a life flight service based in Jackson which assists in transporting people to facilities where they can get the care they need. 

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Episode 145 – Staying in Motion with John Zendler

By Michael Moeri | 06/24/2021 |

John is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. He is also a board member of Teton Adaptive Sports, a nonprofit whose core focus is to provide ways of outdoor recreation to those of all abilities living in the Greater Teton Area.

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Episode 144 – Fighting for Affordable Housing with April Norton

By Michael Moeri | 06/17/2021 |

April is the Director of the Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Department. In this episode, April shares how she randomly ended up living in Jackson. She talks about the housing insecurity that many people feel in Jackson. She dives into what the Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Dept is doing to level the playing field to help people who work in Teton County to be able to live in Teton County. Stephan also asks April many detailed questions about how the affordable housing process works and what people may qualify for assistance with purchasing. 

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Episode 143 – Ten Years of Persephone Bakery with Ali Cohane

By Michael Moeri | 06/10/2021 |

Ali is the Owner and Founder of Persephone Bakery, Picnic and Coelette. In this episode, Ali shares how she ended up making Jackson her home. She talks about the journey of creating Persephone Bakery with Kevin, her husband, bread baker, and chef. Ali also shares where she gained inspiration for the bakery and restaurants. Stephan and Ali discuss the importance of the support of the local community and how the increase in tourism has affected the businesses and people of Jackson. 

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Episode 142 – The Next Generation of Storytellers with Nick and Alex Martini

By Michael Moeri | 06/03/2021 |

Nick and Alex are the founders and partners of Stept Studios. Stept is a creative and production company based in Jackson Hole and Los Angeles. They are known for their eye-catching and engaging advertising and documentaries. 

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Episode 141 – We’ll Figure It Out with Dave Kampfschulte of Amazing Circles Workshops

By Michael Moeri | 05/27/2021 |

We were so happy to have Dave on for another wonderful conversation. Dave was our guest way back in Episode 8 of The Jackson Hole Connection. He is a grandfather, husband, retired teacher, author, speaker, and a 25-year hospice volunteer. Dave and Stephan sat down on his recent trip to Jackson to see his new grandchildren. 

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