Episode 145 – Staying in Motion with John Zendler

By Michael Moeri | 06/24/2021 |

John is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. He is also a board member of Teton Adaptive Sports, a nonprofit whose core focus is to provide ways of outdoor recreation to those of all abilities living in the Greater Teton Area.

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Episode 144 – Fighting for Affordable Housing with April Norton

By Michael Moeri | 06/17/2021 |

April is the Director of the Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Department. In this episode, April shares how she randomly ended up living in Jackson. She talks about the housing insecurity that many people feel in Jackson. She dives into what the Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Dept is doing to level the playing field to help people who work in Teton County to be able to live in Teton County. Stephan also asks April many detailed questions about how the affordable housing process works and what people may qualify for assistance with purchasing. 

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Episode 143 – Ten Years of Persephone Bakery with Ali Cohane

By Michael Moeri | 06/10/2021 |

Ali is the Owner and Founder of Persephone Bakery, Picnic and Coelette. In this episode, Ali shares how she ended up making Jackson her home. She talks about the journey of creating Persephone Bakery with Kevin, her husband, bread baker, and chef. Ali also shares where she gained inspiration for the bakery and restaurants. Stephan and Ali discuss the importance of the support of the local community and how the increase in tourism has affected the businesses and people of Jackson. 

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Episode 142 – The Next Generation of Storytellers with Nick and Alex Martini

By Michael Moeri | 06/03/2021 |

Nick and Alex are the founders and partners of Stept Studios. Stept is a creative and production company based in Jackson Hole and Los Angeles. They are known for their eye-catching and engaging advertising and documentaries. 

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Episode 141 – We’ll Figure It Out with Dave Kampfschulte of Amazing Circles Workshops

By Michael Moeri | 05/27/2021 |

We were so happy to have Dave on for another wonderful conversation. Dave was our guest way back in Episode 8 of The Jackson Hole Connection. He is a grandfather, husband, retired teacher, author, speaker, and a 25-year hospice volunteer. Dave and Stephan sat down on his recent trip to Jackson to see his new grandchildren. 

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Episode 140 – Behind the Scenes of Coombs Outdoors with Jenny Wolfrom Holladay

By Michael Moeri | 05/19/2021 |

Jenny is the former Director of Advancement and Engagement at the Jackson Hole Land Trust and is currently the Executive Director of Coombs Outdoors. Coombs Outdoor’s mission is to empower children and youth to reach their full potential through the life-changing power of outdoor recreation. 

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Episode 139 – The Life of a Freelance Journalist with Gordy Megroz

By Michael Moeri | 05/13/2021 |

Gordy is a freelance journalist based in Jackson. His work can be found in publications such as Outside Magazine, Men’s Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, WIRED, and SKI. He is also the author of the forthcoming book, “100 Slopes of a Lifetime” which is being published by National Geographic and is due out in October.

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Episode 138 – Restructuring Comfort Food & The Film Industry with Erika Olde

By Michael Moeri | 05/06/2021 |

Erika is the Founder & CEO of the Erika Film Foundation, Black Bicycle Entertainment, and Olde & New. Olde & New is a recipe website that does both modern and traditional takes on comfort food. Erika is originally from our neighbor to the north, but after falling in love on vacation years ago, she decided to make Jackson her full-time home.

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Episode 137 – Designed to be Epic with Stephen “Sulli” Sullivan of Stio

By Michael Moeri | 04/29/2021 |

Sulli is the Founder/CEO of the outdoor apparel company Stio. Stio’s apparel is designed from the ground up to help inspire a connection to the outdoors, promote sustainability, versatility and durability. You’d be hard-pressed to walk down the street in Jackson and not see Stio’s whitebark pine cone. 

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Episode 136 – Fighting for Equality in the Equality State with Natalia Macker

By Michael Moeri | 04/22/2021 |

Natalia is Chairwoman of the Teton County Board of County Commissioners, she also works as Artistic Director of Off Square Theatre Company. Over the past decade, Natalia has made a huge impact in the Jackson arts community as well as our political landscape. Natalia is helping Wyoming stay true to its motto as the Equality State. 

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