Episode 189 – Helping Women Find Adventure with Tana Hoffman

Tana Hoffman is an adventure sport and outdoor industry consultant, marketing expert, motorhead, speaker, thought leader and the Founder and CEO of Mountainst and ILLA.

In this episode, Tana shares what it was like to grow up with adventurous parents on the east coast. She talks about her love for powersports and how it inspired her to create Mountainist. Stephan and Tana then discuss her latest venture, ILLA, a service and community network that will help like minded women find their adventure partners.

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Episode 186 – The Worm Cowboy featuring Stefano Daza Arango

Stefano Daza Arango was born in Venezuela and migrated to Canada as a refugee when he was six. During his time in college at the University of Rochester, he studied and worked for various organizations that took him to some amazing places like the Amazon Rainforest, Southern Africa, and the Galapagos Islands. Stefano currently lives in Alpine Wyoming and works for the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance as the Development and Communications Coordinator. He recently started a new venture that is taking local composting to a whole new level. Stefano Daza Arango is the Worm Cowboy. 

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Episode 184 – Creating the World’s Finest Snowshapes with Mikey Franco

Mikey Franco is a rider, instructor, coach, trainer, guide, shaper and the founder of Franco Snowshapes. Franco Snowshapes crafts custom snowboards and skis with the mission to build the finest shapes in the world. 
In this episode, Mikey talks about how he has seen snowboarding change and grow over the decades. He shares the story of how a season ending injury led him down the path of shaping custom boards. Mikey gives Stephan some insight into his Rider Genome questionnaire, which helps him create the perfect custom board from head to toe. Stephan and Mikey also talk about the importance of mentorship and growing at a pace where quality isn’t sacrificed for quantity. 

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Episode 181 – Becoming a Horse Warrior featuring Priscilla Marden

Priscilla Marden is the co-founder of Horse Warriors and co-owner of Diamondfly Ranch. She first came out to Jackson Hole in the 70s to work at a dude ranch just outside of The Grand Teton National Park. Priscilla has helped numerous non-profits in the community including the Teton Science School and the Art Association. She now operates Horse Warriors, a equine facilitated leadership and empowerment program.

In this episode, Priscila reminisces about what it was like to live and work in Jackson Hole in the 70s. She talks about the impactful work that Horse Warriors does to help make the world a better place, one relationship at a time by connecting people with horses, nature and art.

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Episode 180 – The Reality Behind The Fairytale featuring Ryan Stolp

Ryan Stolp is the creator of the Lift Lines comic and co-founder of Orijin Media, a full service marketing agency. 

Ryan’s career path has been anything but ordinary. His CV titles could include dog sled guide, Wilderness ranger, alpine hammock creator, illustrator, author and entrepreneur. Ryan recently collaborated with Sam Morse on a new graphic novel called The Ski Town Fairytale. He’s also been exploring the fringes of doodling and drawing tech by live animating groovy musical performances at Eleanor’s. 

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