Episode 232 – Creating Gear for Every Body with Taylor-Ann Smith

Taylor-Ann Smith is a graphic designer and the entrepreneur behind Ride Force. Taylor-Ann is originally from Montana, but has Wyoming roots. Taylor-Ann started Ride Force 3 years ago after she discovered that she couldn’t find any clothes that made her look and feel good on her mountain bike.

In this episode, Taylor-Ann shares her fascinating story about what led her to move to Jackson and her family’s deep roots in Wyoming. We learn about her grandfather Duane Wiltse, who pioneered the first KOA in Wyoming, and her other grandparents who owned a cabin in Colter Bay.

Stephan and Taylor-Ann engage in a compelling conversation about the birth of Ride Force, delving into how Taylor-Ann manages to balance her full-time job as a graphic designer while also running a successful business. The two explore the topic of overcoming obstacles and fears when embarking on new ventures, and Taylor-Ann openly shares the ups and downs of creating a clothing brand from scratch. Above all, she explains how she is striving to make a positive difference for anyone who wants to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities, no matter their body type.

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Episode 231 – Flying Our Furry Friends to Their Forever Home with Peter Rork

Peter Rork is a retired orthopedic surgeon and co-founder and pilot for Dog is My CoPilot. In this episode, Peter shares his inspiring journey of finding purpose in his life after his wife passed away.

In 2012, he teamed up with Judy Zimet, a Scottsdale real estate attorney and animal lover, to start Dog Is My CoPilot. Over the past decade, Dog is My CoPilot has grown from flying 20-30 pets at a time to now rescuing 1,000 dogs and cats a month all across the country.

Peter and Stephan talk about the dedication of the volunteers at the animal shelters and the hard work and logistics that goes into transporting hundreds of animals at a time. In 2023, their volunteer pilot team has grown, and they now have ten pilots helping to fly their rescue missions.

Dog is My CoPilot works collaboratively with city shelters, local animal welfare organizations, and individuals to save the lives of pets abandoned in animal shelters. They reduce animal euthanasia in overcrowded shelters by ensuring that each pet has the chance to find a safe and loving home.

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Episode 228 – Inspiring Women to Lead featuring Christie Watts

Christie Watts is a mother, wife, globetrotter, and life coach. With a background rooted in Michigan, she relocated to Jackson Hole in 1998 with aspirations of becoming a professional snowboarder.

In this episode, she shares her journey of discovery and personal growth with Stephan. After leaving the world of corporate advertising in Seattle, she delved into Chinese medicine which led her to discover her true passion of being a life coach. Through her work, Christie has impacted the lives of hundreds of individuals, guiding them towards finding their purpose and living a fulfilling life.

Stephan and Christie also explore how technology has transformed the life coaching industry, and Christie shares her entrepreneurial ventures, including her ultimate goal of becoming a digital nomad. With her unique perspectives and wealth of experience, she is poised to continue making a positive impact on the world.

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Episode 225 – The Green Way Outdoors in Jackson Hole with Kyle Green

Kyle Green is the Host and Executive Producer of The Green Way Outdoors a TV show, podcast, outdoor education series. The Green Way Outdoors is dedicated to inspiring a passion for fishing, hunting, and outdoor recreation among millennials and Gen-Z through engaging and informative content.

In this episode, Kyle and Stephan discuss why The Green Way Outdoors team is heading out to Jackson Hole to film an episode of their new show on the History Channel. From fishing and hunting, to the difficulties of shipping meat, car ride games, podcasting, living in Michigan, lost luggage, and the importance of fishing and hunting licenses for conservation, Kyle and Stephan will cover an eclectic range of topics. They’ll also talk about how good the fishing is in Jackson Hole and the many dangerous ways you could meet your maker in the area.

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Episode 223 – Starting a Family Business with Andrew Perez

Andrew Perez is a co-founder and owner of High Point Cider, located in Victor, Idaho. Andrew and his co-founder brother, Alex, grew up in southern New Hampshire. Andrew didn’t start off wanting to pursue brewing or making cider; he actually earned a degree in biochemistry from the University of Vermont and worked in a biotech laboratory before transitioning to finance as a financial analyst and consultant. However, at a point where he felt that he needed a change, Andrew got a call out of the blue from his brother who asked if he wanted to quit his job to start a cider company out in Jackson Hole, despite having no experience in cider making. After years of tinkering, location scouting, and a rebrand, the brothers launched High Point Cider. In this episode, Andrew shares with Stephan the challenges they faced, the cider-making process and how they overcame fear and self-doubt. He’ll also discuss their plans for the future and how they hope to continue growing High Point Cider.

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