Episode 250 – Lets Talk Wyoming History on our Last Episode with Kylie Louise McCormick

Kylie Louise McCormick is a Wyoming based historian who was born and raised in Casper. On our 250th and final episode, what better way to conclude our journey than by delving into the rich history of Wyoming and exploring the lives of its remarkable figures?

In this episode Kylie and Stephan explore Wyoming’s past, discussing topics such as the experiences of religious minorities, the women’s suffrage movement, the significance of figures like Esther Morris and Grace Raymond Hebard, and the boom and bust cycle of the state. Kylie shares her personal experiences growing up Jewish in Wyoming and how she found her passion for researching and sharing stories about Wyoming’s history. Stephan and Kylie also touch on the impact of jokes and the importance of teaching history in a way that fosters empathy and understanding. This final episode serves as a reminder to find joy, gratitude, and love in life and to engage in meaningful conversations with others.

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Episode 249 – Advocating for Our wildlife with Kristin Combs

Kristin Combs is the Executive Director of Wyoming Wildlife Advocates. In this episode, Kristin shares her background and the journey that led her to Jackson Hole, fueled by her love for nature and animals. They discuss the importance of wildlife conservation and the unique wildlife species found in the area.

Kristin sheds light on the challenges faced by wildlife populations and the efforts being made to protect them. They delve into the topic of wolves and the cultural influences that have shaped public opinion about these majestic creatures. Kristin highlights the work of Wyoming Wildlife Advocates in advocating for wildlife, educating the public, and implementing programs to reduce human-wildlife conflicts.

The conversation also touches on the initiatives offered by Wyoming Wildlife Advocates, including providing bear-resistant trash cans, electric fencing, and educational resources to the community.

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Episode 248 – Finding Balance and Creative Outlets with Macye Maher

Macye Maher is a mom, business owner, published author, and advocate for land preservation. She moved to Jackson in 1998 and has fully embraced mountain life. Macye and her husband Alex are the founders of Live Water Properties, and they are currently working on restoring a historic ranch in Wyoming.

The conversation starts with Macye sharing her adventurous tale of moving to Alaska with friends after high school. She then discusses her love for the outdoors and explains why she chose to move to Jackson in ’98. Macye and Stephan then delve into her book, “Fireworks and Fertility,” exploring the title’s representation of the emotional and explosive nature of both fireworks and fertility issues. Macye emphasizes the significance of embracing one’s identity as a writer. They also discuss Macye and Alex’s recent purchase of a ranch near Thermopolis, Wyoming, highlighting Macye’s commitment to restoring, preserving and enhancing the land.

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Episode 247 – Unlocking Curiosity at the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum with Ethan Lobdell

Ethan Lobdell is an educator, Search and Rescue volunteer, and the Executive Director of The Jackson Hole Children’s Museum. With a strong background in education and a genuine passion for interactive learning, Ethan brings his expertise to benefit the kids and families of the Jackson Hole community.

In this episode, Ethan dives into the museum’s commitment to supporting children’s development through joyful and engaging learning experiences that ignite curiosity. We also delve into the exciting plans for the museum’s upcoming permanent home, which will showcase world-class exhibits and foster valuable partnerships with educational institutions. Ethan shares his personal fulfillment in witnessing the transformative impact of education on young minds, despite the challenges of administrative duties. Additionally, Stephan reflects on the impact that both the teachers and the museum have had on his own family.

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Episode 246 – A Look at ‘Tuesdays in Jail’ and How Journaling Transforms Lives with Tina Welling

Tina Welling is a local author who has been living in Jackson for 40 years. In this episode, she shares her journey of moving to Wyoming with her family from Ohio to be closer to nature and to become part of a tight-knit community. Tina talks about her experience running a gift shop in Snow King Resort for 25 years and how the off-seasons provided her with time to focus on her writing.

During the conversation, Tina discusses the sense of community she found in Jackson and how it influenced her writing. She describes her transition from writing novels to nonfiction and specifically mentions her book, ‘Writing Wild,’ which explores the connection between the natural world and personal creativity. Stephan asks Tina about her writing workshops with inmates at the Teton County Jail, and she shares her experiences and the insights she gained from working with them. Tina emphasizes the shared struggles between inmates and those on the outside, highlighting the importance of self-reflection and journaling as tools for self-discovery and personal growth.

The conversation also touches on Tina’s most recent book, ‘Tuesdays In Jail: What I Learned Teaching Journaling to Inmates.’ She explains how journaling can help individuals work through their issues and gain self-knowledge. Tina mentions that while she hasn’t focused much on promoting her book due to personal circumstances, she is grateful for winning the Nautilus Book Award in the memoir and personal journey category.

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