Episode 152 – Death by Toasting with Heather Gould & Polly Filice of Pearl Street Bagels

By Michael Moeri | 08/12/2021 |

In this episode, Heather and Polly talk about how they made it from opposite sides of the country to work in the same bagel shop in Wilson. They go into how they went from working as an employee to owning the whole business. Polly talks about the bagel-making process and how their bagels are made in the traditional east coast style of boiling and baking, which eliminates the need for toasting when made fresh. Stephan, Heather, and Polly talk about some of the challenges of operating a business in Jackson but also how it is one of the most supportive communities as well. 

Episode 143 – Ten Years of Persephone Bakery with Ali Cohane

By Michael Moeri | 06/10/2021 |

Ali is the Owner and Founder of Persephone Bakery, Picnic and Coelette. In this episode, Ali shares how she ended up making Jackson her home. She talks about the journey of creating Persephone Bakery with Kevin, her husband, bread baker, and chef. Ali also shares where she gained inspiration for the bakery and restaurants. Stephan and Ali discuss the importance of the support of the local community and how the increase in tourism has affected the businesses and people of Jackson. 

Episode 138 – Restructuring Comfort Food & The Film Industry with Erika Olde

By Michael Moeri | 05/06/2021 |

Erika is the Founder & CEO of the Erika Film Foundation, Black Bicycle Entertainment, and Olde & New. Olde & New is a recipe website that does both modern and traditional takes on comfort food. Erika is originally from our neighbor to the north, but after falling in love on vacation years ago, she decided to make Jackson her full-time home.

Episode 135 – Reviving the Art of High-Altitude Cider Making with Ian McGregor

By Michael Moeri | 04/15/2021 |

Ian is one of the lucky few who can say they were born and raised right here in Jackson. He is the co-founder of Farmstead Cider. Farmstead Cider is hard cider handmade in Jackson Hole from local Wyoming and Rocky Mountain apples. You also may recognize Ian from the Jackson farmer’s market where he got his start selling local produce and pies as Mr. McGregor’s Garden and Roots Kitchen and Cannery with his friend (now business partner) Orion.

Episode 134 – Disrupting the Beer Industry with Jeremy Tofte

By Michael Moeri | 04/08/2021 |

Jeremy is the owner and founder of Thai Me Up restaurant and Melvin Brewing. Jeremy made his way to Jackson in the late ‘90s to couch surf, start a band, and snowboard with dreams of one day starting his own brewery. That dream came to fruition and in 2012, Jeremy and Melvin (formerly Thai Me Up Brewing) blindsided the beer industry when they won three medals at the Great American Beer Festival including a Gold Medal in the IPA category for 2 x 4. 

Episode 133 – The Journey to Wild Common with Andy Bardon

By Michael Moeri | 04/01/2021 |

Andy is a professional photographer, former mountain guide, entrepreneur, and creator of Wild Common. Wild Common is a new additive-free tequila and mezcal spirit line which is committed to transparency and sustainability. In this episode, Andy talks about how a ski trip to Jackson changed the course of his path in life. Andy shares how a few breaks helped turn a passion for adventure photography into a full-time career. He also goes into detail about why he turned his focus to creating a line artesenal tequila and mezcal. Stephan and Andy also discuss the importance of sustainability, helping small communities, and fair trade certification.

Episode 126 – Crafting a Taste of Jackson Hole with Travis Goodman and Chas Marsh

By Michael Moeri | 02/11/2021 |

In this episode, Chas and Travis share the origin story of Jackson Hole Still Works, how they crafted their recipes, and the good they do for the community. Stephan, Travis, and Chas also talk about running a business with a partner and the importance of keeping fun a part of the work you do.

Episode 117 – Raising the 6th Generation with Nikki Gill

By Michael Moeri | 12/10/2020 |

In this episode, Nikki talks about growing up on a cow-calf ranch, her family’s rich history in the Valley, and the re-opening of one of Jackson’s most iconic businesses, Jackson Drug. 

Episode 114 – More Than Fine Dining with Gavin Fine

By Michael Moeri | 11/12/2020 |

Gavin is a father, entrepreneur, chef, sommelier, mentor and an aspiring ski bum. Originally from Chicago, Gavin moved out to Jackson almost 25 years ago to pursue the ski town lifestyle. Fast forward – Gavin is now the Owner of The Fine Dining Restaurant Group and Co-Owner of Roadhouse Brewing Co. The FDRG is the backbone of the culinary scene in Jackson. The group consists of Rendezvous Bistro, Bistro Catering, Il Villaggio Osteria, The Kitchen, Bin22, Bodega, Bar Enoteca, Cream + Sugar and Bovine + Swine. 

Episode 107 – Creating a Family Legacy with Jim Darwiche

By Michael Moeri | 09/24/2020 |

In this week’s episode of the Jackson Hole Connection, Stephan visits with Jim Darwiche. Jim was born in Southern Lebanon, went to school in Beirut and made his way to the U.S. to study aeronautical engineering at the Northrop Institute. After working in the airline industry for one year in Lebanon he decided to come back to the U.S. and eventually landed in Jackson back in 1978.