Episode 217 – Finding Your Creativity with Leigh Reagan Smith

By Michael Moeri | 11/23/2022 |

Leigh Reagan Smith is a documentary filmmaker, mom, teacher, writer, entrepreneur, podcaster, and artist.  Leigh is the founder of Soul Creative, a multimedia company focused on bringing creativity, inspiration, and joy into people’s lives. 

In this episode, Leigh shares how a serene moment in the city inspired her to seek out snow and nature. Leigh and Stephan then discuss art, creativity, podcasting, and the importance of finding a way to express yourself. 

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Episode 216 – Advocating for Yourself with Taylor Santos

By Michael Moeri | 11/17/2022 |

Taylor Santos was born and raised right here in Jackson and she is currently a student at Summit Innovations School.

In this episode, Taylor courageously shares her story of growing up in Jackson and how overcoming adversity at home helped her become who she is today. Taylor and Stephan also discuss youth services in Teton County, crisis management, and advocating for yourself. Taylor also talks about her passion for regenerative agriculture and her plans for the future.

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Episode 215 – The Ride of a Lifetime with Peter Goettler

By Michael Moeri | 11/10/2022 |

Peter Goettler is a student at the University of Colorado, a graduate of Jackson Hole High School, a member of the Pi Kappa fraternity and a part of the Journey of Hope crew.

In this episode, Peter shares his inspiring cross-country bicycle trek with Journey of Hope to spread awareness, and celebrate the abilities of all people. Stephan and Peter also talk about making an impact, learning from others and how personal connections are more important than followers.

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Episode 214 – Leading the Broncs with Hayden Hatfield

By Michael Moeri | 11/02/2022 |

Hayden Hatfield is the head coach of the Jackson Hole High School basketball team. A year ago at the age of 25, Hayden visited Jackson Hole and fell in love. Determined to move to the valley, he kept his eyes open for the right opportunity. That opportunity arose a year later when the Broncs basketball team started their search for a new head coach to revitalize their program.

In this episode, Hayden and Stephan discuss mentors, leadership, The Masters, coaching, local sports, being a lifelong learner, and the importance of connecting with your community.

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Episode 213 – Training Inside to Conquer the Outside with Julie Guttormson

By Michael Moeri | 10/26/2022 |

Julie Guttormson is a trainer, community leader, baton twirler, entrepreneur, stroke survivor, former news anchor, the founder of VIM, and the new non-profit Rock on Society. VIM is a fitness and training studio that specializes in group classes. The Rock on Society is a dynamic experience and fundraising non-profit that provides aid for stroke and cardiac patients.

In this episode, Julie shares why her life was flipped upside down at the age of 31 and how it led her to start the VIM. Stephan and Julie also chat about recovery, authentic fitness, following your passions, re-branding, the power of positivity, and supporting your community.

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Episode 212 – A Family Legacy of Fishing in Wyoming with Boots Allen

By Michael Moeri | 10/20/2022 |

Boots Allen is a 3rd generation Wyoming fishing guide, writer, fly creator and was born and raised right here in Jackson Hole.

In this episode, Boots shares what drew his grandfather and mother out to Jackson. He talks about what it was like growing up in the Valley and carrying on his family’s legacy of fly fish guiding. Stephan and Boots also discuss the proper handling of fish, fishing in different parts of the world, creating flys, climate change, and the comical story of how his grandfather received the original name of Boots.

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Episode 211 – Making a Pitch for Naughty Fruit with Juan Morales

By Michael Moeri | 10/13/2022 |

Juan Morales is the creator and CEO of Naughty Fruit and Rosa’s Tamales. Naughty Fruit combines dehydrated fruit and a blend of unique spices, such as dried chili and lemon. Both of Juan’s companies put family in the forefront and are inspired by his Mexican family heritage.

In this episode, Stephan and Juan chat about the importance of family, hard work, eating local, doing what you love, and drawing inspiration from your community.

Juan and Naughty Fruit are participating in Silicon Couloir’s 10th Annual Pitch Day. The event takes place at The Center for the Arts on October 19th at 5 pm.

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Episode 210 – Overcoming Adversity and Carving the Future with Talia Atkins 

By Michael Moeri | 10/06/2022 |

Talia Atkins is the Executive Director of Carving the Future. She was born right here in Jackson. After graduating from High School in 2008, Talia left home to volunteer, travel, and find her place in the world. 6 years and 35 countries later, Talia realized everything she was searching for was back in Jackson. She returned to her hometown in 2014, to coach for the JHSC Freeride Team. Talia has worked with youth of all ages, teaching English, music, art, yoga, gymnastics, big-air, snowboarding, and leading therapeutic wilderness trips for teens.

In this episode, Talia and Stephan talk about mental health, childhood adversity, addiction, loss, gratitude, resilience, and helping underserved populations.

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Episode 209 – Making Friends with Stillness, Boredom and Courage with Suzanne Boots Knighton

By Michael Moeri | 09/29/2022 |

Suzanne Boots Knighton is an author, ski instructor, educator, aspiring rollerblader, survivor and a friend. In this episode, Boots and Stephan talk about overcoming tragedy, listening to your body, and looking for the magic and joy in the world.

Boots was inducted into the Heart Warrior club on January 15, 2021, via open-heart surgery for unroofing for a rare congenital heart defect – myocardial bridging. She continues to monitor her other defects which include a bicuspid valve and tortuous arteries. All of this came to light while on a mountain bike ride on in 2020 when she experienced heart attack symptoms at age 42. Thanks to all of this, Boots has been given a priceless perspective on life and wants to spread the gifts of that awareness and joy in knowing we aren’t born perfectly, and that life can still be kick-ass despite imperfect hearts or whatever didn’t quite pan out for us in utero. She is working on her first of three books and publishes weekly on her Substack, Joyful Beat.

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Episode 208 – 4 Years of The Jackson Hole Connection with Stephan Abrams and Michael Moeri

By Michael Moeri | 09/22/2022 |

In this special episode, Stephan and Michael take a look back on the past 4 years of doing the podcast. Michael Moeri is the editor and marketing director of The Jackson Hole Connection.

In this episode, Stephan and Michael talk about some of the unexpected life stories, funny guests, and heartfelt conversations of the past year. They discuss how life can sometimes make it a struggle to create a weekly podcast and what motivates them to share new stories each week. Thank you to all of our listeners and supporters, we couldn’t do this podcast without you.

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