Episode 238 – From Cowboy to Chocolatier: Crafting Single-Origin Chocolate in Wyoming with Tim Kellogg

Tim Kellogg is a former rodeo competitor and wrangler turned chocolatier, living in the beautiful community of Meeteetse, Wyoming.

In this episode, Tim shares the journey from growing up in his grandmother’s kitchen to handcrafting gourmet chocolate at his business, Meeteetse Chocolatier. Originally created as a side hustle to earn money for a new saddle, Tim now makes high-quality chocolates without additives, preservatives, or stabilizers as a full-time business.

Tim talks about sourcing beans directly from Belize, where he visits farms and meets the families, ensuring they receive a fair share of the profits. This direct support of farmers not only provides them with a better income but also guarantees that the chocolates produced at Meeteetse Chocolatier are of the highest quality. Stephan and Tim then discuss the terroir of cacao, and its similarity to wine and how it affects the taste of the chocolate and why he chooses not to blend beans from different countries. 

The world of single-origin chocolate may be lesser-known, but thanks to dedicated individuals like Tim, more people can experience the unique and complex flavors that each variety of cacao has to offer. 

Find out more about Tim and Meeteetse Chocolatier at MeeteetseChocolatier.com

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