Episode 138 – Restructuring Comfort Food & The Film Industry with Erika Olde

By Michael Moeri | 05/06/2021 |

Erika is the Founder & CEO of the Erika Film Foundation, Black Bicycle Entertainment, and Olde & New. Olde & New is a recipe website that does both modern and traditional takes on comfort food. Erika is originally from our neighbor to the north, but after falling in love on vacation years ago, she decided to make Jackson her full-time home.

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Episode 137 – Designed to be Epic with Stephen “Sulli” Sullivan of Stio

By Michael Moeri | 04/29/2021 |

Sulli is the Founder/CEO of the outdoor apparel company Stio. Stio’s apparel is designed from the ground up to help inspire a connection to the outdoors, promote sustainability, versatility and durability. You’d be hard-pressed to walk down the street in Jackson and not see Stio’s whitebark pine cone. 

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Episode 136 – Fighting for Equality in the Equality State with Natalia Macker

By Michael Moeri | 04/22/2021 |

Natalia is Chairwoman of the Teton County Board of County Commissioners, she also works as Artistic Director of Off Square Theatre Company. Over the past decade, Natalia has made a huge impact in the Jackson arts community as well as our political landscape. Natalia is helping Wyoming stay true to its motto as the Equality State. 

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Episode 135 – Reviving the Art of High-Altitude Cider Making with Ian McGregor

By Michael Moeri | 04/15/2021 |

Ian is one of the lucky few who can say they were born and raised right here in Jackson. He is the co-founder of Farmstead Cider. Farmstead Cider is hard cider handmade in Jackson Hole from local Wyoming and Rocky Mountain apples. You also may recognize Ian from the Jackson farmer’s market where he got his start selling local produce and pies as Mr. McGregor’s Garden and Roots Kitchen and Cannery with his friend (now business partner) Orion.

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Episode 134 – Disrupting the Beer Industry with Jeremy Tofte

By Michael Moeri | 04/08/2021 |

Jeremy is the owner and founder of Thai Me Up restaurant and Melvin Brewing. Jeremy made his way to Jackson in the late ‘90s to couch surf, start a band, and snowboard with dreams of one day starting his own brewery. That dream came to fruition and in 2012, Jeremy and Melvin (formerly Thai Me Up Brewing) blindsided the beer industry when they won three medals at the Great American Beer Festival including a Gold Medal in the IPA category for 2 x 4. 

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Episode 133 – The Journey to Wild Common with Andy Bardon

By Michael Moeri | 04/01/2021 |

Andy is a professional photographer, former mountain guide, entrepreneur, and creator of Wild Common. Wild Common is a new additive-free tequila and mezcal spirit line which is committed to transparency and sustainability. In this episode, Andy talks about how a ski trip to Jackson changed the course of his path in life. Andy shares how a few breaks helped turn a passion for adventure photography into a full-time career. He also goes into detail about why he turned his focus to creating a line artesenal tequila and mezcal. Stephan and Andy also discuss the importance of sustainability, helping small communities, and fair trade certification.

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Episode 132 – The Voice of KMTN with Mark “Fish” Fishman

By Michael Moeri | 03/24/2021 |

Fish is a husband, father, emcee, dj and the long-time music director and morning show host for KMTN. In this episode, Fish shares how he made his way to Jackson in 89’. He talks about taking the reins of program and music director of KMTN, the history of Jackson Hole Radio, and how radio production has changed over the years. Stephan and Fish talk about the importance of local radio and why we should share music between generations. 

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Episode 131 – Learning from Pandemics Past with Dr. Glenn Burnett

By Michael Moeri | 03/18/2021 |

In this episode, Dr. Burnett shares how he and his family landed in Jackson. He dives into the history of epidemics and pandemics to break down why we need to learn from our past. Stephan and Dr. Burnett also chat about how our public health system has changed and why instilling fear can be so dangerous. 

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Episode 130 – Helping Grow Jackson’s Nonprofit Community with Ponteir Sackrey

By Michael Moeri | 03/11/2021 | Comments Off on Episode 130 – Helping Grow Jackson’s Nonprofit Community with Ponteir Sackrey

Ponteir is the chief advancement officer at the National Museum of Wildlife Art. She has been a vital part of the non-profit community since moving out to Jackson over 30 years ago. On top of the National Museum of Wildlife Art, she has helped grow the Center for the Arts and Grand Teton National Park Foundation. Ponteir has also served on many boards including Womentum, Old Bill’s Fun Run, and the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce just to name a few. 

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Episode 129 – More than a Shooting Range with Shepard Humphries

By Michael Moeri | 03/04/2021 |

In this episode, Shepard tells the story of how he and his mother made their way out to Jackson when he was a teenager. Shepard also shares how he went from being a public servant to serving the public in the private sector. Stephan and Shepard talk about the science and math that goes into the sport of target shooting.

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