Episode 230 – Telling His Own Mountain Town Story with Tyler Meany

By Michael Moeri | 02/23/2023 |

Tyler Meany is an entrepreneur and the host of another local podcast, Stories From a Mountain Town. Originally from Minnesota, he and his partner moved to Jackson 4 years ago to immerse themselves in nature and the ski town culture.

In this episode, Tyler shares the bold step he took to help his girlfriend land a job at St. John’s, which was crucial in enabling them to settle in Jackson. He and Stephan also discuss the power of podcasting to connect with locals and discover fascinating individuals. Beyond podcasting, they chat about topics ranging from their favorite cocktails to the importance of living in the moment and disconnecting from social media. They also explore the surprising parallels between parenting and being an influencer.

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Episode 229 – Navigating the Creative Path with Bronwyn Minton

By Michael Moeri | 02/16/2023 |

Bronwyn Minton is a mother, a passionate teacher, and a talented artist. As the Executive Director of the Art Association of Jackson Hole, she has been a driving force behind the organization’s success in promoting art in the local community.

Originally from New Hampshire, Bronwyn developed a deep appreciation for the breathtaking landscapes of Wyoming during her summers spent at a camp in the Wind River Range. Her love for the state led her to make Jackson her permanent home more than 30 years ago in 1992, after leaving bustling cities such as New York and Portland.

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Episode 228 – Inspiring Women to Lead featuring Christie Watts

By Michael Moeri | 02/08/2023 |

Christie Watts is a mother, wife, globetrotter, and life coach. With a background rooted in Michigan, she relocated to Jackson Hole in 1998 with aspirations of becoming a professional snowboarder.

In this episode, she shares her journey of discovery and personal growth with Stephan. After leaving the world of corporate advertising in Seattle, she delved into Chinese medicine which led her to discover her true passion of being a life coach. Through her work, Christie has impacted the lives of hundreds of individuals, guiding them towards finding their purpose and living a fulfilling life.

Stephan and Christie also explore how technology has transformed the life coaching industry, and Christie shares her entrepreneurial ventures, including her ultimate goal of becoming a digital nomad. With her unique perspectives and wealth of experience, she is poised to continue making a positive impact on the world.

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Episode 227 – Helping Single Mothers Across Wyoming featuring Katie Hogarty

By Michael Moeri | 02/02/2023 |

Katie Hogarty is the CEO of Climb Wyoming, a statewide organization with a mission to help low-income single mothers achieve self-sufficiency through career training and placement.

In this episode, Katie shares what it was like growing up in Sheridan and why she left a law career path to work for Climb Wyoming. Stephan and Katie then discuss Climb Wyoming’s impact on single mothers and their families, including inspiring stories of women overcoming some major hurdles and barriers. Katie sheds light on the necessary support to sustain the meaningful work of Climb Wyoming, and presents insightful data to further illustrate the importance of the organization.

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Episode 226 – Competing with Yourself featuring Dina Mishev

By Michael Moeri | 01/25/2023 |

Dina Mishev is a journalist, world traveler, editor, skier, extraordinary athlete, and a Guinness World Records holder.

In this episode, Dina shares her story of moving to Jackson Hole to pursue her passion for skiing and her slight obsession with Harrison Ford. She talks about her decision to leave the path to law school and pursue writing. Dina discusses her world record and how training at Snow King helped achieve it. The conversation also touches on Dina’s stubbornness, her love for hiking off-beat trails in the Tetons, learning to slow down, tracking snow leopards, traveling to a solar eclipse, and her battle with breast cancer. Dina also opens up about how her diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis has affected her outlook on life, and how it continues to drive her to do more.

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Episode 225 – The Green Way Outdoors in Jackson Hole with Kyle Green

By Michael Moeri | 01/19/2023 |

Kyle Green is the Host and Executive Producer of The Green Way Outdoors a TV show, podcast, outdoor education series. The Green Way Outdoors is dedicated to inspiring a passion for fishing, hunting, and outdoor recreation among millennials and Gen-Z through engaging and informative content.

In this episode, Kyle and Stephan discuss why The Green Way Outdoors team is heading out to Jackson Hole to film an episode of their new show on the History Channel. From fishing and hunting, to the difficulties of shipping meat, car ride games, podcasting, living in Michigan, lost luggage, and the importance of fishing and hunting licenses for conservation, Kyle and Stephan will cover an eclectic range of topics. They’ll also talk about how good the fishing is in Jackson Hole and the many dangerous ways you could meet your maker in the area.

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Episode 224 – When Hard Work Pays Off with Ryan Allen

By Michael Moeri | 01/12/2023 |

Ryan Allen is a dad, husband, dedicated educator and coach. Ryan shares his journey to Jackson Hole and the experiences that have kept him in this beautiful mountain town. As a special education teacher and high school golf coach, Ryan offers a look into the hard work and dedication that goes into working with students and fostering their growth both inside and outside of the classroom. Ryan and Stephan discuss the hard work that goes into creating a championship golf team and how one of the key elements is the supportive and competitive nature of Jackson Hole.

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Episode 223 – Starting a Family Business with Andrew Perez

By Michael Moeri | 01/05/2023 |

Andrew Perez is a co-founder and owner of High Point Cider, located in Victor, Idaho. Andrew and his co-founder brother, Alex, grew up in southern New Hampshire. Andrew didn’t start off wanting to pursue brewing or making cider; he actually earned a degree in biochemistry from the University of Vermont and worked in a biotech laboratory before transitioning to finance as a financial analyst and consultant. However, at a point where he felt that he needed a change, Andrew got a call out of the blue from his brother who asked if he wanted to quit his job to start a cider company out in Jackson Hole, despite having no experience in cider making. After years of tinkering, location scouting, and a rebrand, the brothers launched High Point Cider. In this episode, Andrew shares with Stephan the challenges they faced, the cider-making process and how they overcame fear and self-doubt. He’ll also discuss their plans for the future and how they hope to continue growing High Point Cider.

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Episode 222 – Learning to Take Care of Yourself with Jacob Urban

By Michael Moeri | 12/29/2022 |

Jacob Urban is the founder of the Jackson Hole Outdoor Leadership Institute, and he has an inspiring and multifaceted career in the outdoor industry. Jacob started out in Pennsylvania, but he set out to find his own path as soon as he was an adult. That path led him to study audio and video production in Florida, and then to Vermont, where he studied recreation resource management and began to build a career in the outdoors. After 15 years in Vermont, Jacob made the decision to move to Jackson Hole, where he took on a variety of roles and responsibilities, including teaching at Central Wyoming College, working on Search and Rescue, and founding the Jackson Hole Outdoor Leadership Institute.

Despite these achievements, Jacob has also faced challenges, including addiction, debt, taking on too many roles and not implementing enough self care. He shares his story of how he took a step back to focus on rebuilding himself and taking care of his mental and physical health in order to thrive. Through finding his tribe and overcoming obstacles, Jacob has transformed himself into the person he wanted to become.

In their conversation, Jacob and Stephan also explore the importance of disconnecting from technology, connecting with nature, and understanding the ways in which we are all connected as humans. 

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Episode 221 – Serving Children and Families in Teton County with Sarah Cavallaro

By Michael Moeri | 12/21/2022 |

Sarah Cavallaro is the Executive Director of Teton Youth and Family Services. Sarah is a wife, a mom, cancer survivor and a fierce advocate for kids and families in Teton County and throughout Wyoming.

Sarah is an incredibly brave and resilient woman, who has faced numerous challenges in her life, including battling cancer not once, but twice. Despite these challenges, Sarah has persevered and has dedicated herself to helping others, particularly families in her community.

During this episode, Sarah shares her inspiring journey with us, including how she ended up in Jackson back in 1999, her journey of discovering and surviving breast cancer, and how she has learned to find the funny in life. Stephan and Sarah also discuss the various programs and initiatives offered by Teton County Youth and Family Services and its partner organizations, which are dedicated to supporting families and strengthening the community.

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