Episode 125 –  Deepening a Connection to Place with Story Clark

By Michael Moeri | 02/04/2021 |

In this episode, Story shares the history of her Grandfather moving out from Pennsylvania to Jackson Hole back in the 20s to form a climbers ranch and boys camp. She also talks about her passion for conservation and helping grow non-profit organizations. Stephan and Story chat about how she created TravelStorysGPS and how it continues to evolve and grow. 

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Episode 124 – To Be Alive with Chris Hessler

By Michael Moeri | 01/28/2021 |

In this episode, Chris shares the story of how he beat brain cancer and why it brought him closer to his family. He also talks about working with Bill Watkins and Carol Mann to make a 25 year plan and discovering how he wanted to live the rest of his life.  Stephan and Chris discuss the importance of having a coach and giving back to the community. 

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Episode 123 – Unleash Epic Stories with Mark Fisher

By Michael Moeri | 01/21/2021 |

In this episode, Mark talks about how he went from living and working around the globe to falling in love and settling down in Driggs ID. He shares some behind the scenes stories of what went into documenting the epic journeys of heading up Mount Everest and summiting Gamlang Razi in Myanmar. Stephan and Mark also discuss the importance of community, which is not only where you live, but who you adventure with.

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Episode 122 – Breaking Patterns and Being Oppen with Whitney Oppenhuizen

By Michael Moeri | 01/14/2021 |

In this episode, Whitney talks about her family’s connection to Jackson Hole and the path that led her to settle in the Valley. Whitney shares how she has overcome some personal obstacles to find out what she truly wants out of life. Stephan and Whitney also discuss the benefits of working with a life coach and the importance of building on our relationships.

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Episode 121 – Exploring the Enigmas of Human Performance with Zahan Billimoria

By Michael Moeri | 01/07/2021 |

In this episode, Zahan talks about how he made his way out to the Tetons after growing up in Switzerland. He shares his path of going from being a mechanic to teaching, to guiding to founding The Samsara Experience. Stephan and Zahan also discuss the importance of having a connection with nature and raising kids in Jackson. 

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Episode 120 – 2020 Wrap-Up with Stephan Abrams and Michael Moeri

By Michael Moeri | 12/31/2020 |

In this week’s episode of the Jackson Hole Connection, Stephan and Michael talk about some of the memorable guests and moments of 2020. We will be back next week with all-new episodes of The Jackson Hole Connection!

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Episode 119 – Life at Teton Valley Ranch Camp with Jim Ligori

By Michael Moeri | 12/24/2020 |

In this episode, Jim talks about how his parents made their way out to Jackson, growing up in the Valley, and what life is like as a camper and a camp director at the historic Teton Valley Ranch Camp. Stephan and Jim also talk about the difference between “camp friends” and “friends at home”. 

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Episode 118 – Health in the Hole with Laura Peterson Wright

By Michael Moeri | 12/17/2020 |

In this episode, Laura shares how she went from creating desserts at the Four Seasons to opening up a Chiropractic office. Stephan and Laura also talk about how the Chiropractic field has changed over the years and they geek out a little about what it’s like to host a podcast.

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Episode 117 – Raising the 6th Generation with Nikki Gill

By Michael Moeri | 12/10/2020 |

In this episode, Nikki talks about growing up on a cow-calf ranch, her family’s rich history in the Valley, and the re-opening of one of Jackson’s most iconic businesses, Jackson Drug. 

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Episode 116 – Creating a Journey Toward Better Health with Eden Morris

By Michael Moeri | 12/02/2020 |

In this episode, Eden talks about falling in love with Jackson, why she pursued the path of becoming a dietitian, and her own struggles with food and nutrition. Stephan and Eden also discuss the various challenges people face when it comes to being healthy and why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

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