Episode 239 – Singing, Storytelling, and Wyoming Roots with Jill King

Jill King is a singer, business owner, marketing maven, and rancher with deep ties to Wyoming. Jill originally moved to Wyoming to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer, forming her own band, and eventually cutting an album in the heart of country music. Today, Jill is the owner of a local franchise in the publication industry and runs a cattle ranch with her husband near Lander, Wyoming.

In this episode we delve into Jill’s background, her family’s history in Wyoming, and her journey from working in marketing in New York City to pursuing her passion for singing in Jackson Hole. Jill shares her experience of leading a cowgirl band and the challenges of balancing her music career with her desire to be a mother. She also discusses her passion for marketing and her commitment to supporting her clients through her work with The Scout Guide, a national publication that she bought the franchise for in both Jackson Hole and Bozeman.

Throughout the episode, we explore the evolution of marketing trends, such as the shift from print to digital, and the core tenets of marketing that remain consistent, including the power of storytelling, photography, and editorial content.

Find out more about Jill and The Scout Guide at JacksonHole.TheScoutGuide.com

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