Episode 196 – Inside the Go Be WYO Podcast with Aaron Gray

By Michael Moeri | 06/30/2022 |

Aaron Gray is a coach, trainer, oil and gas landman, and the host of the Go Be WYO podcast. Aaron is a 3rd generation Wyomingite based in Sheridan, Wyoming. His podcast Go Be WYO provides Wyoming people, businesses and organizations the opportunity to share their stories of grit, kindness, and legacy.

In this episode, Aaron shares his family’s Wyoming legacy. He tells Stephan about the many hats he wears to make a living and be connected with his community. They talk about what goes into being a coach in a state where you sometimes have to travel 8+ hours for a game. Stephan and Aaron also discuss some of the interesting guests they’ve had on their podcasts and share some of the fascinating stories they’ve heard.

Episode 158 – Wow, It’s Been 3 Years! with Stephan Abrams and Michael Moeri

By Michael Moeri | 09/22/2021 |

In this episode, Stephan and Michael take a look back on the past 3 years of doing the podcast. Michael gets some insight on what doing the podcast means to Stephan and what motivates him to connect with so many people. They discuss some memorable and motivational guest experiences. At the end of the episode, Stephan and Michael also talk about the people they’d love to have on the podcast, but haven’t yet. 

Episode 133 – The Journey to Wild Common with Andy Bardon

By Michael Moeri | 04/01/2021 |

Andy is a professional photographer, former mountain guide, entrepreneur, and creator of Wild Common. Wild Common is a new additive-free tequila and mezcal spirit line which is committed to transparency and sustainability. In this episode, Andy talks about how a ski trip to Jackson changed the course of his path in life. Andy shares how a few breaks helped turn a passion for adventure photography into a full-time career. He also goes into detail about why he turned his focus to creating a line artesenal tequila and mezcal. Stephan and Andy also discuss the importance of sustainability, helping small communities, and fair trade certification.

Episode 132 – The Voice of KMTN with Mark “Fish” Fishman

By Michael Moeri | 03/24/2021 |

Fish is a husband, father, emcee, dj and the long-time music director and morning show host for KMTN. In this episode, Fish shares how he made his way to Jackson in 89’. He talks about taking the reins of program and music director of KMTN, the history of Jackson Hole Radio, and how radio production has changed over the years. Stephan and Fish talk about the importance of local radio and why we should share music between generations. 

Episode 128 – Inside The Teton County Search and Rescue Foundation and The Fine Line Podcast with Matt Hansen

By Michael Moeri | 02/25/2021 |

In this episode, Matt shares the story of how working a summer in the Tetons made a life-changing impact. Matt also talks about the incredible work of the volunteers at Teton County Search and Rescue and all that goes into helping people prepare for the backcountry. Stephan and Matt discuss The Fine Line podcast and the impact storytelling can have.

Episode 127 – Behind the Yonder Lies Podcast with Hannah Habermann and Jesse Bryant

By Michael Moeri | 02/18/2021 |

Yonder Lies is a podcast series that shares the stories of the locals, talks about Jackson Hole’s rich history and the conflicts that make Jackson Hole what it is today. In this episode, Hannah and Jesse share how they met and eventually made their way out to Jackson. They talk about why they started Yonder Lies and all that goes into producing a creative, research-based podcast from scratch. Stephan, Jesse, and Hannah also talk about the importance of learning about the place you call home and feeling connected to your community. 

Episode 122 – Breaking Patterns and Being Oppen with Whitney Oppenhuizen

By Michael Moeri | 01/14/2021 |

In this episode, Whitney talks about her family’s connection to Jackson Hole and the path that led her to settle in the Valley. Whitney shares how she has overcome some personal obstacles to find out what she truly wants out of life. Stephan and Whitney also discuss the benefits of working with a life coach and the importance of building on our relationships.

Episode 120 – 2020 Wrap-Up with Stephan Abrams and Michael Moeri

By Michael Moeri | 12/31/2020 |

In this week’s episode of the Jackson Hole Connection, Stephan and Michael talk about some of the memorable guests and moments of 2020. We will be back next week with all-new episodes of The Jackson Hole Connection!

Episode 118 – Health in the Hole with Laura Peterson Wright

By Michael Moeri | 12/17/2020 |

In this episode, Laura shares how she went from creating desserts at the Four Seasons to opening up a Chiropractic office. Stephan and Laura also talk about how the Chiropractic field has changed over the years and they geek out a little about what it’s like to host a podcast.

Episode 112 – A Modern Day Jackson Hole Epic with Andrew Munz

By Michael Moeri | 10/29/2020 |

In this week’s episode of the Jackson Hole Connection, Stephan visits with Andrew Munz. Andrew is an actor, director, producer, and author of the new book “I Can Ski Forever:  A Modern Day Jackson Hole Epic.” The “I Can Ski Forever” book is a collection of skits, songs, and scenes from the popular I Can Ski Forever shows that were performed in Jackson Hole between 2014 and 2019.