Episode 103 – How to Lead in a World of Transition with Ed Brenegar

By Michael Moeri | 08/27/2020 |

Ed is the first return guest on The Jackson Hole Connection. Stephan first visited with Ed back in episode 3, just under two years ago. Ed is the founder of Circle of Impact Leadership, an author, father and ordained presbyterian minister. 

Episode 96 – Bringing History Alive with Kenneth Thomasma

By Michael Moeri | 07/09/2020 |

After 12 years of working at a summer camp in Montana, Ken fell in love with the mountains. In 1977, Ken and his wife decided to make them their home and left Michigan to move out to Jackson Hole. Moving out to Jackson gave Ken the time he needed to write his first book which was inspired by the story of Sacajawea’s friend, Naya Nuki.

Episode 81 – How Smart Risk Taking Can Transform Your Life with Anne Fish

By Stephan C Abrams | 03/26/2020 |

Anne is the motivational speaker, Real Estate Advisor, University of Wyoming graduate, world traveler, former flight attendant and author of the book Risk Formation. Stephan and Anne talk about achieving goals, taking risks, and changing life paths. 

Episode 79 – Wealth and Entrepreneurship with John Soforic

By Stephan C Abrams | 03/12/2020 |

John is the author of The Wealthy Gardener, a series of stories and practical wisdom on entrepreneurship and wealth. His self-published book has sold over 50,000 copies in its first year!

Episode 66 – A Conservation Conversation with Bert Raynes

By Stephan C Abrams | 12/12/2019 |

Bert is a conservationist, author, community leader, journalist, founder of the Jackson Hole Bird Club and a self-proclaimed curmudgeon.

Episode 65 – Using Knowledge to Grow Your Business with Steve Baker

By Stephan C Abrams | 12/06/2019 |

In this episode, Stephan and Steve talk about growing your business, giving back to your community, employee owned business and always seeking knowledge.

Episode 63 – Inspiring People to Make Change with Jim Owen

By Stephan C Abrams | 11/21/2019 |

Jim is a husband of 51 years, former Wall Street Executive, speaker, published author, and the founder of the Center For Cowboy Ethics And Leadership. In this episode, Stephan and Jim talk about the importance of staying active, the code of ethics, living by your principles and staying positive.

Episode 55 – Connecting Kids to the Power of Bikes with Scott Fitzgerald

By Stephan C Abrams | 09/26/2019 |

Scott is a long time Jackson resident who recently decided to venture down to Bentonville, Arkansas to promote Buddy Pegs and their mission of helping kids develop a love of cycling at an early age.

Episode 53 – How To Adopt A Mindset For Achieving Your Goals with Tim Walther

By Stephan C Abrams | 09/12/2019 |

Tim is an entrepreneur, motivator, author, extreme athlete, and Founder/CEO of Grand Dynamics – the company behind The Ultimate Towner and the new Jackson Hole Scavenger Hunt. Tim had his first taste of living the dream when visiting his brother during college and made Jackson his home the winter of 1995.

Episode 49 – Dude Ranching and the Life of a Foreign Correspondent with Joe Albright

By Stephan C Abrams | 08/15/2019 |

Joe reconnected with Jackson Hole after inheriting the Flat Creek Ranch which was originally run by his Great Aunt starting in 1916. In this episode, Stephan and Joe talk about running a dude ranch, the news industry and Joe’s amazing foreign correspondent career.