Episode 28 – 3 Philosophies to Success with Mary Grossman

By Stephan C Abrams | 03/21/2019 |

Mary first visited Jackson in 1963 while still in her mom’s belly. After working summers in Jackson Hole during college, Mary moved out to stay in Jackson in 1987 after being recruited by the Grand Teton Music Festival. Mary created the publication Valley Horse Journal and Planet Jackson Hole.

Episode 27 – The Phallic Art of Bhutan with Marc Domsky

By Stephan C Abrams | 03/14/2019 |

Marc and his family moved out to Jackson Hole over 16 years ago after Marc landed a full time position at St. John’s Medical Center. Marc was inspired to write a book about the phallic art of Bhutan after an anniversary trip with his wife.

Episode 25 – Being a Good Community Member with Michael Pearlman

By Stephan C Abrams | 02/28/2019 |

Michael is a husband, father, former sports editor of the News&Guide and was a child actor. Michael decided to control his own path and gave up acting in his early teens. After graduating from NYU with a degree in journalism, Michael moved out to Jackson Hole in 1996 to ski the west.

Episode 16 – Being a Community Partner with Dick Scarlett

By Stephan C Abrams | 12/27/2018 |

Dick is a father, husband, grandfather, veteran, entrepreneur, author, banker and a community leader. Dick grew up on a ranch in Wyoming, graduated from University of Wyoming and moved to Jackson in 1981.

Episode 11 – Survival & The Winds: Life on the Edge with Veteran Climber Joe Kelsey

By Stephan C Abrams | 11/22/2018 |

Joe first visited the Tetons from New York in 1964 when he and his friends tried and failed to summit the Grand. Joe started to setup roots in Jackson in 1969 when he unexpectedly met someone while climbing in the Wind River Range.

Episode 8 – How to Have Difficult but Necessary Conversations with Dave Kampfschulte

By Stephan C Abrams | 11/01/2018 |

Stephan and Dave talk about family, leadership, loss, dealing with grief and how to have difficult but necessary conversations. Dave has written two books, Amazing Circles and I’m Dying to Talk with You: Twenty Five Years of Conversations on End of Life Decisions.

Episode 3 – Igniting Change with Ed Brenegar

By Stephan C Abrams | 09/27/2018 |

Ed first visited Jackson Hole in 1977 on a camping trip. After many years of visiting, Ed finally made Jackson Hole his home 4 years ago. Stephan and Ed discuss how Jackson Hole helped inspire Ed to write his book Circle of Impact, and about how to take personal responsibility and initiate change in your life.