Episode 7- How Believing in the Strengths & Goodness of Others Will Contribute to Your Success with Clarene Law

By Stephan C Abrams | 10/25/2018 |

Clarene moved out to Jackson Hole in 1959 and worked as a bookkeeper in her first few years in Jackson. While working at The Wort in 1960, Clarene developed a passion for the lodging industry. When the opportunity arose in 1962 to go into business for herself, she jumped at the chance, but needed support from her family to take ownership of the Antler. Three other properties soon followed.

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Episode 6 – A Climber’s Perspective: The Evolution of Jackson Hole with Bill Johnson

By Stephan C Abrams | 10/18/2018 |

When Bill first started coming to the valley, the local economy only provided for summer employment. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort had not opened, winter tourism did not exist, and only the old time locals would remain through the winter. Bill used the winter off season to venture back to California to work for his friend Yvon Chouinard, surf and sail.

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Episode 5 – Stories from the Field with Wildlife Guide Jason Williams

By Stephan C Abrams | 10/11/2018 |

Jason first discovered Jackson Hole on a family trip out from Illinois. After missing his ideal job opportunity with Backroads, Jason moved out to Jackson Hole in 1999 to be a river guide at Triangle X.

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Community Spotlight – Community Entry Services of Jackson Hole

By Stephan C Abrams | 10/08/2018 |

Stephan and Carolyn discuss the work of CES and their annual fundraiser, The Art of Love, which is on Thursday, October 11th at the Center for the Arts. This event is to help bring awareness to our community about individuals with disabilities who are making a difference. The Art of Love will feature a plate auction with works created by some of Jackson’s most talented artists, food, music and more.

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Episode 4 – Making Your Own Path in Life with Rick Howe

By Stephan C Abrams | 10/04/2018 |

Stephan and Rick talk about how Rick became the youngest town council member in Jackson history, how his connections in Jackson landed him the dream job of being the road manager for Lynyrd Skynyrd and how not following in your father’s footsteps may be the best decision you can make.

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Episode 3 – Igniting Change with Ed Brenegar

By Stephan C Abrams | 09/27/2018 |

Ed first visited Jackson Hole in 1977 on a camping trip. After many years of visiting, Ed finally made Jackson Hole his home 4 years ago. Stephan and Ed discuss how Jackson Hole helped inspire Ed to write his book Circle of Impact, and about how to take personal responsibility and initiate change in your life.

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Episode 2 – Turning Your Dream Into Reality Through Hard Work and Faith with Ian Fitzsimmons

By Stephan C Abrams | 09/20/2018 | Comments Off on Episode 2 – Turning Your Dream Into Reality Through Hard Work and Faith with Ian Fitzsimmons

Ian came out to Jackson Hole his sophomore year in college on a hiatus. While Ian loved Jackson Hole, he knew that he had to leave Valhalla (Jackson Hole) in order to pursue his dream of becoming a broadcaster.

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Episode 1 – Putting Down New Roots with Tim Harland

By Stephan C Abrams | 09/20/2018 |

An Oregon native, Tim rode into Jackson Hole on his motorcycle site unseen back in 1993 and never looked back. Stephan and Tim dive into the importance of volunteering, what it was like growing up with exchange students, having kids in Jackson and building a Jackson Hole family.

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A Welcome Message from Your Host, Stephan Abrams

By Stephan C Abrams | 09/19/2018 |

Welcome to The Jackson Hole Connection: Jackson Hole’s community podcast! Here’s a message from your host, Stephan Abrams.

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