Episode 41 – Cookie Cake and Corporate Citizenship with Michael Coles

By Stephan C Abrams | 06/20/2019 |

Michael is an entrepreneur, father, author, avid volunteer, co-founder and former CEO of the Great American Cookie Company, former CEO of Caribou Coffee, and has set two transcontinental cycling records. Michael and his family fell in love with Jackson Hole after spending one night in 1974 on a family road trip to the national parks. One night was enough to come back in the 80s to purchase a home in the valley.

Episode 40 – A Conversation About Public Defense with Elizabeth Trefonas

By Stephan C Abrams | 06/14/2019 |

Elizabeth moved out to Jackson Hole in 2005 to be public defender for the state of Wyoming and is the founder Trefonas Law, which has an emphasis on immigration cases.

Episode 39 – Creating the World You Want with Sandy Hessler

By Stephan C Abrams | 06/06/2019 |

After Sandy’s children fell in love with skiing in Jackson Hole over ten years ago, they decided to make Jackson their home. Sandy teaches a new leadership course at CWC and annually helps lead entrepreneurs through the Startup Intensive. She recently started a blog and app called Six Minutes Daily, which is designed to promote accountability to help you reach your full potential.

Episode 38 – The Art of Documentary Filmmaking with Jennifer Tennican

By Stephan C Abrams | 05/30/2019 |

Jen is a documentary filmmaker and has produced and directed the local documentaries The Stagecoach Movie, Far Afield: A Conservation Love Story and most recently Hearts of Glass.

Episode 36 – How to Sleep Better with Martha Lewis

By Stephan C Abrams | 05/17/2019 |

Martha is a mother, wife and the founder of two businesses focused around sleep. In this episode, Stephan and Martha talk about moving out to Jackson, the four stages of sleep, why proper sleep is important and starting a business.

Episode 35 – Disrupting the Self-Help Industry with Ciela Wynter

By Stephan C Abrams | 05/09/2019 |

In this episode, Stephan and Ciela talk about returning to Jackson after a 20 year hiatus, traveling, starting a business, self empowerment, the Startup Intensive and living in a spiritual community.

Episode 34 – A Glimpse into the Bison Business with Chris O’Blenness

By Stephan C Abrams | 05/02/2019 |

In this episode, Stephan and Chris talk about ranching buffalo, determination, sleeping in pig huts and running the livestock department at the prestigious Blue Hill Farm in New York.

Episode 32 – Building Greatness with Bill Watkins

By Stephan C Abrams | 04/18/2019 |

Bill is a graduate of West Point and the founder and CEO of The Lion’s Pride, a business accelerator group. Bill first visited Jackson Hole on a camping trip with his parents when he was moving around as an Army brat.

Episode 30 – Finding Entrepreneurial Spirit with Jim Dever

By Stephan C Abrams | 04/03/2019 |

Jim is a professor and Florida State University, started 10 businesses from the ground up and “retired” at the age of 41. Jim went back to school at the age of 50 to pursue his PHD in entrepreneurship to pursue his passion of teaching. Full disclosure, Jim’s connection to Jackson Hole is his cousin, your host, Stephan Abrams.

Episode 29 – How to Own, Not Run Your Business with Shannon and Bryan Miles

By Stephan C Abrams | 03/28/2019 |

Shannon and Bryan Miles, the Co-Creators and Co-CEOs of Belay, a virtual service provider with over 600 team members. Bryan and Shannon made the leap to buy a home in Jackson after Bryan fell in love with the Tetons after hiking the Teton Crest Trail in 2009.