Episode 207 – Helping People Build a Better Future with Dr. Diane Hudson

Dr. Diane Hudson is the founder of Advanced Behavior Change. Advanced Behavior Change’s mission is to use the science of Applied Behavior Analysis to give children, teens, and caregivers the tools to change their environments and behaviors and to meet and exceed their goals. 

In this episode, Diane shares the path that lead her out to Jackson from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She talks about moving her practice up from Salt Lake and the benefits of being able to work with people remotely and in person. Diane then goes into some of the techniques she uses to increase positive skills, such as communication, social, and adaptive skills, and decrease problem behavior. Stephan and Diane also talk about neurodivergent individuals and how diagnosing ADHD and Autism has changed over the years. 

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Find out more about Advanced Behavior Change at advancedbehaviorchange.com

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