Episode 245 – Unveiling the Beauty Within with Tracey Garcia

Tracey Garcia is a mom, entrepreneur, and a make-up artist. Growing up in a military family, Tracey’s life has been filled with travel and remarkable encounters with individuals from all walks of life. She has worked behind the scenes in the television industry, providing hair and makeup services for various shows. Additionally, Tracey has had the opportunity to work with influential figures in the political arena, contributing her craft as a make-up artist.

In this episode, Tracey shares anecdotes from her time working on television sets and emphasizes the importance of remaining neutral as an artist, regardless of the political affiliations of her clients. She highlights the ordinary nature of these public figures, revealing that they have lives outside the media spotlight.

The conversation then shifts to Tracey’s current work in Jackson Hole, where she has found success in focusing on weddings and photo shoots. She discusses the importance of self-promotion and reinvention in her industry, highlighting the abundance of opportunities available in the area.

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Episode 244 – Pendergraft Outfitters: Carrying on a Family Legacy with Peter Linn

Peter Linn is a father, husband, rancher, 5th generation local, and the owner of Pendergraft Outfitters.
In this episode, Peter shares his passion for his work and the joy he finds in waking up every day, excited to do what he loves. He talks about his long family history in the valley and what brought him back after living up in Alaska. 

Stephan and Peter chat about some of the unique and amazing creatures he has seen while working in the backcountry, including wolverines, grizzly bears, wolves and cougars. He then goes on to discuss the challenges and adventures of expanding his operations to a ranch in Kinnear, Wyoming, where he is learning to farm alfalfa and grass. The conversation then delves into the various types of trips Peter offers, including horse-supported hiking trips and progressive travel. Peter then elaborates on Pendergraft Outfitter’s camp, which offers a more comfortable experience with wall tents and a cook tent.

Stephan and Peter also discuss the logistics of pack trips, including the importance of holding onto horses overnight. Peter shares his personal experiences of waking up to missing horses and emphasizes the need for horses to feel safe and secure in their surroundings.

This conversation offers a glimpse into the ranching and outfitting life, showcasing the remarkable adventures and obstacles encountered in the beautiful wilderness of the Tetons and the surrounding areas.

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Episode 243 – Choosing Your Defense Strategy with Tony Molina

Tony Molina is an author, avid outdoorsman, and professional firearms trainer. Stephan invited Tony on this week’s episode to discuss his book, ‘Handgun Selection for Grizzly Bear Defense,’ as well as the best defense strategies against bear and other large animal attacks in the backcountry.

During the episode, Tony emphasized the importance of training to become proficient in using a gun, highlighting that simply purchasing one does not make you an expert. He also stressed the significance of carrying a defense mechanism that can be deployed within 3 seconds. Handguns are the popular choice due to their accessibility and ability to meet the suggested 3-second timeframe. Tony also covered essential information about firearms, including the best ammunition for defensive purposes.

The topic of bear spray was also discussed, with Tony providing unique insights into its effectiveness. While bear spray is often successful in deterring bears, it is not foolproof and has limitations. Tony recommends carrying both a handgun and bear spray, allowing for responsible choices based on the specific circumstances.

Overall, this episode serves as an excellent resource for anyone seeking to enhance their knowledge about staying safe in bear country. You can find Tony’s book, ‘Handgun Selection for Grizzly Bear Defense,’ on Amazon.

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Episode 242 – Songwriting Revelations in Nashville and Jackson Hole with Isaac Hayden

Isaac Hayden is a singer, songwriter, husband and handyman. From his humble beginnings as a preacher’s son on the San Juan Islands and in Jackson Hole, to his emergence as a rising star in the vibrant music scene of Nashville, Isaac’s trajectory is one of passion, perseverance, and artistic growth.

In this episode, Isaac takes us on a journey through his life, starting with his childhood in Sacramento, California, before moving to the picturesque San Juan Islands. He shares how his father’s job as an assistant preacher led their family to Jackson Hole, where they played a crucial role in starting the first Presbyterian church in town.

Growing up as a preacher’s son in a tight-knit community had its perks. Isaac reminisces about the supportive church community and the joy of playing the piano in the church auditorium. Music played a significant role in Isaac’s life, leading him to explore different places such as Spokane, Southern California, Tallahassee, and Nashville.

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Episode 241 – Painting a Brighter Future with Amy Ringholz

Amy Ringholz is an artist, entrepreneur, mother and an author. She made a pivotal decision to pursue art full-time after a remarkable summer in Jackson, where she sold 30 paintings and gained immense support from the Jackson Hole community. Amy attributes her success to her strong work ethic, creating an average of one painting every three days and continually pushing herself to produce new and captivating works. Her dedication serves as a testament to the power of dreaming big and believing in one’s abilities, inspiring others to pursue their own goals.

During her college years, winning scholarships played a significant role in altering Amy’s path. This experience motivated her to establish art scholarships of her own, providing support to ten aspiring artists each year, helping them realize their dreams and achieve their artistic goals.

In addition to her acclaimed paintings, Amy has ventured into the world of writing and self-publishing. Her upcoming book, ‘Rabbit and the Crown of Dreams,’ draws deeply from her personal experiences, delving into the pursuit of dreams and the quest for a deeper purpose in life. Scheduled for release on May 13th, the book will be accompanied by a children’s show at noon and an adult show at four. Furthermore, an auction of the 14 original paintings featured in the book will take place on August 19th.

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