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Episode 55 – Connecting Kids to the Power of Bikes with Scott Fitzgerald

In this week’s episode of the Jackson Hole Connection, Stephan visits with Scott Fitzgerald. Scott is a father, husband, entrepreneur, former owner/founder of Fitzgerald Bicycles and is the co-creator of the new company Buddy Peg Media. Scott is a long time Jackson resident who recently decided to venture down to Bentonville, Arkansas to promote Buddy Pegs and their mission of helping kids develop a love of cycling at an early age.

In this episode, Stephan and Scott talk about the evolution of Fitzgerald’s Bicycles, community involvement, and the importance of connecting our youth with nature through the love of cycling. 

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About Buddy Pegs

If you’re a parent today, you’re familiar with the struggle with navigating the modern, digitally fueled childhood.  What you may not be familiar with is the year over year rise in childhood depression, anxiety, obesity, and suicide. Well, our guest today believes that bicycle riding is a wonderful way to build confident kids and connected families.

 Scott Fitzgerald is the Founder and CEO of Buddy Pegs Media – a Family Adventure Media company that celebrates cycling through children’s books and podcasts and  classes that teach bicycle riding to children between 2 and 7 years old.

After selling the popular local bike shop Fitzgerald’s Bicycles, Scott and his wife Jannine built Buddy Pegs Media and Buddy Pegs Learn To Ride to keep fueling their mission to create happier, more successful children, a healthier lifestyle for families, and social impact.

Thinking “lifestyle business”? Think again. The US Children’s Publishing Industry generates $3.5B annually, The Kids’ Sports Industry generates $15B annually, and children under 12 influence $500B in annual purchasing in the US.

This September (2019), the Buddy Pegs team relocated temporarily to Bentonville, AR to launch a full model of classes, camps, and events across North West Arkansas before scaling nationwide.

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