Episode 2 – Turning Your Dream Into Reality Through Hard Work and Faith with Ian Fitzsimmons

In this episode of The Jackson Hole Connection, Stephan visits with Ian Fitzsimmons, a father, husband, co-host of the ESPN radio show Freddie & Fitz, co-host of the Herbstreit and Fitzsimmons College Radio Podcast, and a field analyst for college and NFL football for ESPN radio.

Ian came out to Jackson Hole his sophomore year in college on a hiatus. While Ian loved Jackson Hole, he knew that he had to leave Valhalla (Jackson Hole) in order to pursue his dream of becoming a broadcaster.

Stephan and Ian talk about working at the old Sojourner Pub in Teton Village, how hard work and persistence are better than any degree and about his daughter’s scoliosis fundraiser. This episode sponsors include The Liquor Store and Jackson Hole Marketplace.

You can listen to listen to Freddie & Fitzsimmons on ESPN Radio from 7-11pm MTN. Contact him on twitter @IanFitzESPN and to find out more information on his daughter’s scoliosis fundraiser visit crawfishforthecurve.org

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